Ok, so the post I made on the outspoken Mexican mayor who was brutally murdered kinda blew up.

And my subsequent comment on how prohibition of highly desirable drugs throughout the world were strongly correlated to the violence and corruption happening in Mexico created a lot of negative reaction from people saying that either

a. That’s bullshit, the cartels and extreme levels of corruption would exist in Mexico and elsewhere regardless.

or b. That drug users and the demand for those drugs are the real problem and are basically scumbag enablers funding a mass massacre.

Here’s the thing: personal responsibility is great, and if you say no to drugs, premarital sex, or red meat, good on you. You’ve made a choice that you feel has benefited your life, and I suppose it grants you the notion that you can now feel superior to all of those around you that do otherwise. But if you are thinking that those personal decisions somehow deeply impact the rest of the world around you, guess what? It doesn’t. The market for those things will continue to exist until the end of time regardless of whether you participate or not. So we are going to continue to have drug use, abortions, and McDonalds until the end of time. Since the market for those things will always exist, excuse me for thinking that the most sensible thing to do would be lessen the negative effects of those kinds of inevitabilities.

If you go back even a little bit in our history, it’s entirely obvious that Prohibition has nearly always been the problem. Every time a popular drug (like alcohol in the early 20th century of the US) was outlawed it created heightened gang activity and empowered those gangs and deepened corruption in government. The stats are there. Once any drug is decriminalized the gangs only choices are going legit and joining the market legally or moving on to other illegal drugs and activities, which will cut back on their profits significantly either way because they are already working with the trade that they know makes them the most money.

So what’s left? We can live in a world of hypotheticals that’ll never happen so we can ramble on about how the world should be, or we can focus on pragmatic solutions with the best cost/benefit analysis. One policy improvement at a time.

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